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The Best Home Theater for Your Westchester Home

3 Essentials for Your Custom Home Theater

The Best Home Theater for Your Westchester Home

If you love movies, sports or games and want a high-end home theater, we want to assure you that you don’t have to break the bank to experience quality entertainment in your Westchester, New York home. We have a variety of products that will fit your budget and can work around any structural limitations. Our team is experienced at customizing our home theater systems to meet your unique needs. Continue reading to discover our top recommendations. 

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Affordable Projectors

Whether you want to invest in the latest 4K projector or purchase one in high-definition, we have a lot of options for you. Our top recommended brands are Sony and JVC Pro. Sony has a long-standing reputation for delivering the best in video. Two of their newer projectors, the SXRD Home Cinema Projector and the compact 4K home theater projector have 4K picture quality through upscaling technology and aren’t as expensive as the native 4K resolution projectors. You’ll get to experience the highest resolution for less than half the price. Sony also has full HD 3D projectors if you want to experience 3D at home too.

JVC is also a leading developer of superior audio and video products for residential use. Their 4K e-shift D-ILA projector has the highest lumen brightness of 1,900 and a 150,000:1 native contrast ratio. Their projectors rival the very best in the industry at competitive prices.

Adjustable Screens

With an anamorphic projection and screen system, you won’t see any black bars vertically or horizontally. In the 1950s, developers introduced the wide screen format to combat the popularity of TVs at home which were taking away revenue from the movie theaters. The main feature was that the images were much wider than the ones people saw at home, giving them a more immersive effect. Today’s anamorphic lenses and screens deliver this technology to your home.

A Custom Solution for Every Space

It doesn’t matter if you have a medium-size room or an oddly shaped space, we can still install an incredible home theater in your house. Our team will work with you to find a solution to every limitation. For example, we can install motorized shades to block out the light if your room has windows, and we can add sound proofing treatments so that you can’t hear the booming sound throughout the rest of the house when you are enjoying a film. We can also add lighting and shading control and wireless capabilities to the room so you can experience the luxury of automation.

If you are interested in adding a custom home theater to your Westchester, New York home, contact us online!

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