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How Ultra HD Improves Your Viewing Experience

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How Ultra HD Improves Your Viewing Experience

If you love watching movies, television and sports, then you’ve probably considered installing a home theater in your Westchester, New York property. Private cinemas recreate the feeling of going out to the movies right in your own home. And one of the most important aspects of any home theater is how the picture looks. That’s why you’ll want to upgrade to 4K Ultra HD. If you don’t know what that is, this blog will explain it! Learn more after the jump.

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What Is A 4K TV or Projector?

Simply put, 4K refers to the resolution of high definition television displays that are four times better than the old standard for High Definition picture.  You may remember a few years back when you replaced your old tube television with a High Definition flat panel.  Today, 4K improves the picture bringing it up to the new Ultra High Definition quality by quadrupling the number of pixels.

What Is High-Dynamic Range?

High-dynamic range is a technology that digitally increases the difference between the deepest black and the brightest white that’s visible on your screen. That means you can enjoy an even wider range of visible colors, making the pictures look even more realistic.

Sony and JVC have begun using the 4K technology in their TV's and projectors. This is perfect for fans of traditional home theaters who want to fully recreate the movie theater experience. However, due to their rapidly increasing size and improved technology, some people are beginning to enjoy the benefits of flat-panel Ultra HD displays in their private cinemas as well.

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of 4K quality in your Westchester home theater or family media room? Contact us today!

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