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How a Smart Home System Can Enhance Your Daily Lifestyle

What is the best smart system for your home?

How a Smart Home System Can Enhance Your Daily Lifestyle

Advanced Home Environments has decades of experience installing smart home technology in the finest homes in the tri-state area. Our aim has always been to enhance your daily lifestyle using automation and convenient controls. We offer affordable, expandable, and flexible smart home systems that allow you to control many different features in your house – including shades, lighting, thermostats, music and more – with convenient wireless devices. We also only partner with the very best manufacturers in the business so that we can offer our customers high-quality products for high-quality results.

Crestron – A World Leader in Smart Home Automation

Advanced Home Environments Smart Home technology offerings now includes the new Pyng™ system from Crestron. Crestron is recognized as the world's best, largest and longest established premium name in home automation and the best in luxury technology control. Crestron puts the power of true convenience in the hands of the homeowner for a revolutionary, premium control experience.

The new Crestron Pyng "App' based system provides a quick, easy solution for setting up and controlling lighting, shades, thermostats, door locks, and audio. Pyng also enables the client to easily to make changes to the system set up themselves right from their own iPad.

You may already be familiar with some smart home apps, so what makes Pyng different? Many homeowners have begun to adopt new smart home gadgets but the problem is that they end up collecting dozens of apps on their phones so they have to open up a new one every time they want to control a device.

Crestron Pyng simplifies your controls by tying all of your electronics together and giving you all the control using one app – Pyng. You’ll be able to dim the lights, turn on the music, change the room temperature and lower the shades with just one easy interface on your phone or tablet.

You can even enact multiple tasks at once by creating “scenes”. These scenes change your environment in one touch. Here are just a few examples to give you an idea of how it works:

Wake up Scene: Customize your Crestron experience by setting the scene every day when you wake up. Imagine your audio system turning on your favorite song at 7 a.m. to wake you up. Simultaneously, your roller shades go up letting the sunlight in, the TV in the bathroom turns on the morning news so you can catch the traffic, and the lights in the kitchen turn on downstairs so you can go make a cup of coffee.

Goodnight Scene: At the end of the day, say goodnight by hitting one button using your Pyng app. All of the indoor house lights go off, except for the one by the fridge in case you need a glass of water, and the outdoor flood lights on the front porch turn on. All of your electronics, like the TV and speakers, go off as well, and your doors lock instantly. The shades go down so you can maintain privacy and peace of mind as you sleep.

Are you interested in getting one easy-to-use smart home system? Give Crestron a try by calling us and scheduling a visit, or fill out this online form. Share your questions with us, and we’ll get back to you quickly.

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