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Enjoy the Convenience of Playing Your Favorite Music in Every Room

Multi- Room Music System for Your Home

Enjoy the Convenience of Playing Your Favorite Music in Every Room

EPI Integration, LLC is your home audio expert who can help you select the best multi-room music system for your home in the tri-state area.   If you are planning a new construction project or renovating your home, we can design a music system for your exact needs.

If you already have a house music system but would like it to be more modern by adding streaming music, then we can easily use your existing speakers (so there are no new wires to be pulled) and update your system with the latest in music services like Pandora, Spotify and many others. 

With summer starting, this is the perfect time to add or update a multi-room music system that is perfect for entertaining your family and friends at your next BBQ or party.

Keep reading to discover all that we have to offer when it comes to home music systems.

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Enjoy Your Favorite Music in Every Room

Surround yourself with your favorite music by adding a multi-room music system.  Speakers with great sound can be installed in the ceilings or walls.  Each speaker is carefully located  in key areas so that the sound is evenly distributed and with paintable flush mounted grills so they perfectly blend with your decor.

Easily Select and Control Your Music Sources with One Touch

Whether you prefer Pandora, Spotify,  i-Tunes, Tidal, AM-FM radio, your personal CD collection or even vinyl EPI Integration, LLC can design a system that matches your lifestyle so you will be able to hear every note,  in any area, inside or outside, all conveniently controlled from your Smartphone, tablet or in wall touch screen.

You can play your favorite music in one room or any group of rooms with the press of one button.  Our team will design your music system so that every person in your family can select and listen their own customized music collection so they can relax or entertain guests in any room.

To learn more about our high-quality music systems, give us a call or fill out this online form.

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