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3 Benefits of Lighting and Shading Control

Install Automated Lighting and Shading in Your Greenwich Home

3 Benefits of Lighting and Shading Control

Having technology in your Greenwich, CT home can be a lot of fun, especially if you have a multi-room audio system or home theater. However, there are other often-overlooked aspects of your smart home you should consider investing in for the massive benefits they bring. Lighting and shading control for example can help you save energy, time, money, and improve your home security. We’ve picked 3 big benefits of automated lighting and shading to focus on in this blog edition.

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#1 Improve Your Home Security

Believe it or not, automated lighting and shading can help protect your home too. When you leave your house, press the “AWAY” button on the lighting system and the house will look occupied even when no one is there. We can program the system to turn the lights and shades on and off automatically in a pattern that mimics your actual schedule. We call this a “mockupancy” setting. Criminals will think twice about trying to break in if they think someone is home. Shades also give you peace of mind by giving you privacy. Even hard-to-reach windows can be covered by our automated systems. Hit a button on a remote control and they all lower at the same time to prevent people from peering inside.

#3 Use Convenient Controls

It takes time to turn off every light in your house as you’re leaving, and adjusting your shades can be difficult if they are high up or out of reach. Add smart technology to your lights and shades and you can not only control them with a remote, but you can even adjust them with your smartphone, tablet, or allow them to work on their own. Simple controls on the wall allow you to turn all the lights off at once, dim them to a higher or lower degree, or enact specific scenes – like “wake up” or “goodnight”. Check and see if you left a light on with your phone while you’re on the go and then turn it off remotely. Our automated shades use motors to lift and lower, but you won’t even hear them working because they are so quiet. Our smart home automation systems are convenient, easy to use, and will save you time and energy.

#3 Add Beauty to Interior Design

You don’t have to sacrifice style or beauty when you install technology in your home. We’ll help you get rid of wall clutter – too many switches and big knobs – and simplify the controls. Your touch keypad will blend into the wall and match your color scheme. For darker rooms, pick a black panel, or in lighter ones pick white. Dimmers also help create the right ambiance in every room – making it darker for romantic occasions or bright for other activities. Our team has a wide selection of fabrics and styles for your motorized shades and draperies. Pick from different colors, patterns and fabrics while still enjoying the benefits of solar technology. Your shades will block UV rays and still look beautiful.

Would you like to add these amazing benefits to your Greenwich, CT home?

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